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Tonight I was on Ice Poseidons stream by calling in on discord but I didnt last long because I was baked and nervous so I didnt really create any content for the stream :(. We had a funny discussion about measuring dicks either way.

Finished another semester of school just now. Going to rush to apply for awards before April is over even though I'll probably get none. Also I have to do my taxes this year which is going to suck balls cause I worked as a contractor all year and didnt pay into my taxes. Barely made anything anyway. The vape juice factory I work in is really light on hours and its killing me. My sleep schedule is really fucked up too so since I cant sleep right now from the ice poseidon excitement, Ill stay up and reset it. Im going to make a list of things to do so I actually get some important shit done in my life here cause ive been goofing off for a bit and wasting time with my friends [420 and easter weekend had me in vacation mode] bills are also fast approaching so Ill be back to work lots more hours if possible unfortunately that means NG is going to see less of me this summer, I've really got to finish up alot of things on my plate because I fill my plate with projects only to goof off and waste valuable time. Ive never really reached out to the internet, actually. Always playing the anonymousness game. Never actually getting involved with people. Streaming and Newgrounds both have really helped improve that. Im only just now realizing that I live in quite a bit of isolation even though friends surround me.

Whoever read this thing, thank you. thanks for your time.

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